Live aus Altenrhein
LSZR 170120Z AUTO VRB01KT 9999 NSC 17/16 Q1020

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Öffnungszeiten Mo-Fr, 8-18 Uhr

Aus Österreich:

T: +43 (0)5572 203 610


Aus CH / LI / DE:

T: +41 (0)71 858 51 60


Why to Altenrhein?

Your advantages of the Airport in the East of Switzerland.

No Slots / PPR

A clear advantage of Altenrhein: no slots / PPR allocations at Altenrhein.



The airport ist well situated by the Lake of Constance, close to Liechtenstein and the Austrian and German border. Fast access to highways, short distances to important business areas and famous ski resorts.



Our compact operation and short distances makes us extremely flexible, our level of quality follows international standards.



Handling private and business flights with discretion and uncomplicated procedures is our speciality.



Do not worry about anything while you stay in Altenrhein: Full ground assistance, day aircraft parking, 3rd party liaison, crew lounge, one day crew car and more are in our services included.



Parking is always available, hangar space O/R.


And further:

  • Lower hangar prices than at other airports
  • Fast refuelling
  • No waiting periods for pax
  • Short distance from limousine to aircraft for passengers
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • Simple and short handlings
  • No parking-fee for a/c during the day
  • Apron Access for VIP