Fees & Charges

Fees and handling charges in Altenrhein.


Fuel & Oil

JET A1 / Avgas 100 LL

BP Turbo Oil 2380 / Shell Oil 15W50 / Shell Oil W100 / Shell Oil +80


The listed prices do not include 7.7% VAT.

Duty included prices include 0.02 CHF CO2 emissions tax.

Anbei die Preise für den Mai 2019.


Current fuel prices for the month of June 2019.

JET A1 Avgas
duty included CHF 1.86 / 1l duty included CHF 2.58/ 1l
duty free CHF 1.09 / 1l duty free CHF 1.83 / 1l


De-Icing fluid / hot water mixture CHF 7.80 per litre sprayed

Kilfrost ABC-K Plus (type II)

Kilfrost DF Plus (type I)


Credit Cards & Cash CHF/EUR (ATM available)

VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, Diners



Fuel Cards

  • World Fuel Services Europe Ltd. in GB - London
  • Jetex Fueling Services Ltd. in AE-Dubai
  • Colt International Europe Sarl in CH
  • Satigny
  • UVAir European Fueling Service Ltd. in US - Houston TX 77061
  • AEG, FL 33126 - Miami / USA